Adaptive Cyber Security

Ensuring the Freedom to Maneuver
Cyberspace is a global, extraordinarily dynamic warfighting domain which impacts virtually every aspect of Joint Force operations. And its protection extends from proactive defensive cyber initiatives and the hardening of complex C4ISR efforts to the encryption of electronic medical records (EMRs). Ardent’s agile, easily scalable cyber teams provide proven force multiplication strength at every point across these vital digital domains.
From a holistic, enterprise-wide view of each customer’s threat landscape, we apply Risk Management Framework (RMF)-driven solutions that incorporate adaptive architectures, processes, practices, tools, controls, continuous monitoring and the authorizations needed to sustain secure systems and platforms throughout their entire lifecycles. This is the level of cyber trust that ensures freedom to maneuver in a highly contested battlespace. And it’s the trust delivered with vigilance to each Ardent customer.

Network & Communications

From Network Assurance to Mission Assurance
Today’s joint commands utilize and defend a myriad of globally interconnected owned and leased networking, computing and communications systems. Managers are continually challenged to reduce complexity, increase effectiveness across joint and coalition lines, and reduce the resources these vital assets consume. Ardent personnel understand these challenges and work with your key personnel at strategic levels to accommodate your most demanding network and communications engineering, architectural, financial, programmatic and acquisition requirements. Our strategic partners have hands on, in depth knowledge of massive DoD networks, such as AFNet, enabling us to bring a top down, holistic grasp of how your physical and cyber ecosystems operate and interact. And we also understand how automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now shaping the future of these environments. From virtualization, consolidation, convergence and migration to cloud integration sustainment and security, look to Ardent to help take you from network assurance to mission assurance.


On-Premise Private, Hybrid or Public cloud
The DoD has been a progressive cloud computing adapter, having transferred some of its most important unclassified systems to the cloud in recent years. Our sister company, TKC Global, is among the leaders here as its personnel migrated the Air Force Network (AFNet) to cloud-based MS Office 365. Ardent and its strategic partners can support you at every point across the cloud lifecycle—from transition planning and requirements analysis through capacity planning, hardware/software configuration and migration to design, deployment and turnkey administration. Whether your mission calls for a managed private, on-premises Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, a hybrid cloud with a major service provider or a public cloud, Ardent can be trusted to deliver the optimum balance of performance, security and cost.


Supporting your Global Wireless Mandates
Today’s joint global missions are as flexible and mobile as they are complex. They require secure access to enterprise capabilities anywhere, at any time over any device. Indeed, new business processes and applications are being created daily for the warfighter with mobility as a primary use case. Ardent and its strategic partners understand today’s DoD mobile ecosystem—where it is and where it’s headed. And we have the turnkey qualifications to match. This means we can provide critical force multiplication support for mobile solution planning, wireless network design, provisioning, access control, implementation, maintenance, security and compliance.

IT Managed Services

Focus on the Core Mission
There is momentum across all service branches to contract out IT management and focus laser like on the core mission. Ardent offers customers this opportunity through a secure, robust and easily scalable managed IT service platform tailored to support your most stringent operational outcomes and performance metrics. Staffed by cleared, highly qualified U.S. citizens, customers receive unlimited consultation and remediation support, 24/7/365 access to industry leading skill sets and a wide range of capabilities that lower costs, enhance quality of service and minimize risks. Our platform extends to the complete enterprise, including Information Technology, Infrastructure, Power, Networking and Cyber Security. And we can support these technologies and systems in virtually any enterprise configuration, including private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud. If the objective is to free yourself to focus on the core mission, Ardent is the partner to get you there.

Big Data Analytics

Shorten the Data-to-Action Timeline
Big Data, real time and predictive analytics present organizations with an unprecedented ability to garner actionable insights from massive, ever changing trends at blazing speeds. This is the meaning of data optimization today and it is especially critical in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance domains. But essential to its success are the collapse of data silos and the consolidation of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data into manageable domains that can be quickly and inexpensively queried. This is how you shorten the data-to-action timeline and Ardent Big Data analytic personnel can be the proactive force multipliers that consistently deliver these advantages.